George Eldridge

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We joined Thrive life aka Shelf reliance at the beginning of 2013. We joined not to make money but to reap the benefits of Healthy, Delicious, Nutritious, and Cost effective foods.

At the time my wife was in and out of the hospital regularly she was on 34 different medications prescribed by those people you trust. Today she is off every single one of those medications. How you ask! By eating healthier.

After doing a lot of researching about the foods that are provided to us by the corporate entities. Upon arrival of our first shipment of thrive foods we proceeded to go through our existing stock of food and threw out, (yes we literally threw out everything that we had) we simply started to read the labels 90% of the food you purchase at a grocery store is made/ packaged with chemicals, if that isn’t bad enough 80% of your food contains GMO’s.

We attempted to go 100% Organic at one point, but it was not do able mainly because we are not growers, or not all foods are available in our area for all seasons. Either way Thrive opened a door for us to eat healthier and know it is our turn to offer thrive to you.


by joining my team I vow to help & support, to the best of my ability.

Thank you,

p.s. I can wait till you are ready to join there is no pressure or commitment.

















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Mary Ann
May 24 | 5:00pm -MST
Susan's Tasting
May 26 | 5:18pm -MST
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May 26 | 5:54pm -MST
kristin tasting
May 27 | 5:01pm -MST
Ellen Bowen
May 31 | 5:00pm -MST
2019 Spring
June 15 | 5:00pm -PST
2019 Summer
July 26 | 5:00pm -PST
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